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"People do not talk like that here"

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"I love it when people say things to me in public and want to meet me, because I want to meet them! Early on, my manager told me, ‘If you want to sell 500,000 records, then go out there and meet 500,000 people."- Taylor Swift

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I love the freedom of living alone, but I also love things that make me feel seven again. Back then naivety was the norm and skepticism was a foreign language, and I just think every once in a while you need fries and a chocolate milkshake and your mom.

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i'd like to be my old self again.

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oh, red

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@GraceEGoldThanks for coming to the show @taylorswift13 😄 I’m glad you had fun! @starsonice #starsonice http://t.co/HmheDhmId9

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Taylor on SNL: Then & Now 

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